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Phil, a seasoned professional hailing from Chicago, has forged an impressive eight-year career within the hospitality industry. With a BS in Food and Beverage Event Administration from Metro State University of Denver, he has ascended to his current role as the adept Brand Operations Director at MAINSPRING.

Renowned for his visionary prowess in brand development, Phil adeptly transforms abstract concepts into tangible brand identities. He has catalyzed the success of brands like Room for Milly, Blue Sparrow Coffee, Queens Eleven, Side Stories, and Mainspring, skillfully leveraging creative direction, strategic partnerships, and operational finesse.

Phil's strategic acumen shines through his adept orchestration of resonant partnerships and alliances, catering to audiences and stakeholders alike. A steward of fiscal prudence, he seamlessly harmonizes brand innovation with financial responsibility—a hallmark of effective leadership. Beyond conventional realms, Phil navigates the digital landscape with ease, sculpting immersive online experiences through graphic design and web development. His prowess extends to social media marketing and public relations, where he crafts narratives that amplify brand resonance and visibility. An event production virtuoso, Phil orchestrates experiences that imprint lasting impressions, enhancing brand engagement. His deft management of merchandise development ensures captivating offerings that captivate both aesthetics and profitability.


brand development

Spearhead the conceptualization and refinement of new brand offerings, ensuring seamless alignment with our strategic direction.

creative direction

Lead the strategic visual direction for brands, overseeing the development and execution of creative concepts across all touchpoints.

event production

Strategically curate and execute engaging events that elevate our brand experience, ensuring flawless event concepts and delivery.

strategic operations

Formulate and cultivate impactful strategic collaborations and partnerships to drive brand growth and expand our market presence.

retail development

Drive the ideation and creation of revenue-generating merchandise lines that enhance brand visibility and profitability.

experiential marketing

Ensure stringent fiscal oversight and responsibility across brand operations, meticulously managing budgeting and financial controls.



my life is a colorful tapestry woven with an array of exciting hobbies. Traveling is my ultimate passion; I thrive on exploring new horizons and immersing myself in different cultures. I'm a culinary enthusiast who loves experimenting in the kitchen and hosting dinner parties that leave my guests in awe.


Cooking isn't just a pastime for me; it's a form of art and a way to express my creativity and love through food. When I'm not globe-trotting or whipping up delightful dishes, you can catch me on the volleyball court. Volleyball is more than just a sport; it's my passion. It keeps me active, fosters teamwork, and builds lasting friendships.

I also have a unique talent for creating art out of trash, repurposing discarded items into something beautiful and meaningful.

And last but not least, I have a knack for finding the best restaurants and bars in new cities. Whether it's a cozy, tucked-away eatery in a charming alley or a trendy bar with expertly crafted cocktails, I'm the go-to person for recommendations.

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